One Arizona dad had had enough of his son’s bully and wanted to end the second grader’s physical and emotional torment at school.

Father Rick Heinrich told KNXV that Sunset Elementary School in Phoenix wasn’t a safe place for his son. He had been suffering physical and verbal abuse from other students since kindergarten.

Heinrich claimed his son’s school knew about the bullying but didn’t do anything about it. He said:

“It’s disheartening. You send your kid to school and you think they’re going to be safe, and then they’re not.”

On Valentine’s Day, a particularly tough incident occurred. The father recounted the event to KNXV. He said:

“The same kid socked him in the face, bent him over, kneed him in the stomach 5 to 7 times, dropped him to the floor and started putting the boots to him.”

So, the frustrated dad decided to take action to stop the kid who was hurting his son. To protect his son, Heinrich called police on the 7-year-old bully.

But the school claims no one was ever in danger. In a statement, the school district said:

Our administrators acted quickly and disciplinary action was taken against another student on campus. At no time were any students in danger of harm.

The school district said it safeguards kids from bullying through anti-bullying programs and said that according to a 2017 parent survey, Sunset Elementary School is a safe place.

According to a national Stop Bullying Before It Starts survey, two-thirds of children say they’ve been bullied, and 64 percent say they have tried stopping a bullying incident.

There’s no question that bullying is a very real problem in schools.

And Heinrich said that when it came to his son, Sunset Elementary School didn’t do enough.

Watch the video below:

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