Wesley Mathews told police his 3-year-old adopted daughter, Sherin Mathews, went missing after he left her alone outside the family’s home in October 2017.

Dearly previously reported the Texas father claimed he forced his child to stand in an alley where coyotes were known to roam at 3 a.m. because she refused to drink her milk.

Mathews’ story changed two weeks later, when the 3-year-old’s dead body was discovered in a ditch. This time, he told police her death was accidental.

After the man turned himself in, he said Sherin choked to death on the milk when he “physically assisted” her with the drink. He said he removed her dead body from the home then he dumped her on the side of the road, but intended to give her a proper burial later.

But the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office confirmed the small child died of “homicidal violence,” as Dearly previously reported.

Mathews and the girl’s mother, Sini Mathews, were both arrested.

The dad was indicted on a capital murder charge earlier in January, after he was previously charged with abandoning a child, tampering with evidence, and a first degree felony of injuring a child with intent to cause bodily injury.

Sini, who claimed to be sleeping when she was killed, was charged with child endangerment/abandoning.

But, the parents continued to fight for custody of their 4-year-old biological daughter, who was taken away from them after Sherin’s body was found.

NBC5 reports the couple has now changed their minds about battling to keep their child.

During a custody hearing held Friday, both parents gave up their parental rights to her, which will allow her to be adopted. The decision is irrevocable.

Mitch Nolte, the mother’s attorney, said:

“[Sini Mathews] made the extremely difficult decision to give up her parental rights because given the circumstances and the pending criminal cases, this is in the best interests of the child. She wants what’s best for her remaining daughter.”

The Dallas Morning News reports the couple’s biological daughter has been living temporarily with relatives in the Houston area who plan to adopt her, according to Marissa Gonzales, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family Protective Services. Friday’s move will allow that process to go forward.

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