Experienced parents know that you can’t always trust a preschooler to pick out her outfit for the day. But sometimes, you have to learn that lesson the hard way.

As the New York Post reports, in early June, Maryland mom Aliza Friedlander had to attend an early morning work event for her new part-time job. That meant her husband, Brad, was in charge of getting their two daughters, 5-year-old Lila and 3-year-old Brooklyn, fed, dressed, and off to school on time.

He succeeded at two out of three.

After getting the children breakfast, Brad drove Lila to school, then dropped Brooklyn with his mother-in-law, Anita King, just in time for Brooklyn’s music class. It was King who first noticed something odd about Brooklyn’s outfit. Aliza told Today:

“Her initial thought was she was wearing white bike shorts scrunched up in the front with a shirt covering them. I think when she went into the classroom and saw Brooklyn from behind, she realized that they, in fact, weren’t shorts.”

King confirmed her suspicion with a friend who agreed that Brooklyn wasn’t wearing bike shorts at all. Instead, the preschooler had gone to school in a pair of white potty-training underwear.

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I’ve been a stay at home for more than five years. In May, I started working part-time and this morning I had an event that started before school drop off. My husband stayed home and helped get the kids out for school. Apparently, my daughter decided to wear underwear (not just any underwear but thick diaper like training underwear used for potty training) and told my husband they were “short shorts.” Based on her smile and the fact she locked her door while getting dressed, I’m pretty sure she knew they weren’t shorts!! Swipe ➡️ to see the messages that followed once I was informed of the situation, plus a picture of my daughter in school in underwear and the message I received from my girlfriend who filled me in on what was taking place! At least my husband remembered to brush the girls teeth and clean their newly pierced ears… so there’s that! ?‍♀️??‍♀️? . . . #workingmoms #worklifemomlife #headshake #funnymorning #lifeofaworkingmom #stayathomemom #stayathomemomlife #toddlers #threeyearsold #itsagoodstory #lotsoflaughs #lol #todayparentingteam #todayshow #todayshowparents #buzzfeedparenting #buzzfeedparents #scarymommy

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A friend sent Aliza a photo of her daughter’s ensemble, and Aliza shared the resulting text exchange with her husband on Instagram.

When Aliza informed her husband that, “You sent her to school in her underwear,” Brad simply answered, “Who?”

The mom explained, and the dad defended himself by saying, “She said they were shorts” and “Well, don’t leave them in the drawer for her to pick.”

Aliza laughingly texted that their daughter’s outfit was “the talk of the school” and that her friend “made it clear to everyone I was not home.”

Brad pointed out, “At least she was wearing something.”

Later, Aliza figured out that Brooklyn had taken her time getting dressed that morning, then presented to herself to her dad in what she claimed were bike shorts. Aliza told Inside Edition:

“She unlocks the door and she was wearing a long shirt. [Brad] said, ‘What are you wearing?’ and she said, ‘I’m wearing shorts.’ He’s like, ‘OK.'”

She added that it was an understandable mistake:

“In his defense, from the front with the long shirt, they did look like bike shorts.”

In a way, Brooklyn really was wearing the underwear as outerwear. As Aliza told Today:

“She was actually wearing a pair of underwear under the underwear, so she was wearing them as shorts even though they weren’t. He has never let an epic fail happen like this before … he spends a ton of time with the girls and gets them dressed all the time, which is what makes this even funnier.”

It was Brooklyn’s grandmother who came to the rescue. After realizing the preschooler wasn’t wearing pants, King got a spare pair of shorts from older sister Lila’s bag and made sure Brooklyn was fully dressed for the rest of the day.

Aliza says she laughed when she heard about the mix-up because Brad is such a good father. But the mom suspects Brooklyn might have known that she wasn’t properly dressed. As Aliza told Today:

“I think she may have actually thought they were shorts, but when I asked her about it she got this huge smile on her face and started cracking up, so I’m not entirely confident our 3-year-old wasn’t playing a joke on her father. I just thought it was hysterical — I think if I really felt there was a problem or that Brad wasn’t a capable father, I wouldn’t have found it funny, but I know how wonderful he is and that this was just an unfortunate accident.”

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