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Dad Said He Gave His 20-Month-Old a Harmonica Before Bed and Now He’s Highly Recommending It to Others


As parents with young children know, when their baby or infant wake up, it usually means parents are waking up with them.

However, as one dad on Reddit revealed, he found a pretty surprising fix to getting his 20-month-old son to not only be content at bedtime but to also self-soothe.


Reddit user, Irepeatu, wrote that his “epic” secret is giving his son a harmonica before bed:

After I taught him how to breath through the Harmonica he happily now goes to bed playing for ten mins or so each night. He actually sounds as good as a hobo on a train already. Every so often we hear him up late at night breathing a tune. It’s cut down on crying. And he has a small toy to keep him busy. Highly recommend.

And other parents, who have either taken his advice or stumbled upon the idea themselves, agreed with the dad.

Some said:

I’m a musician with a lot of instruments lying around that I’m unreasonably eager to share with my 2 year old. Drum practice pad and sticks? Was fun for five minutes until he realized he could hit other things with the sticks. Shelved that plan fast. Recorder? Mistake. Indestructible and easy to clean but very shrill because he only ever blows into it full force. Fingerings are impossible at this stage. […] Harmonica? Perfection! It only plays chords that are pleasant enough, it doesn’t get too loud, it’s metal so he can’t really chew it. Also highly recommend the harmonica at this age. It is adorable and not awful to listen to!

I was given a harmonica for the baby during my pregnancy and thought it was just that my super smart engineer friend didn’t get babies. Damn if my son didn’t pick it up and start breathing through it and dancing to his music around a year old. It had just been around because he liked carrying it. I would never have thought of it.

While others gave even more recommendations:

…Also love harmonica and glockenspiel. The other fun one has been slide whistle. And, of course, a real piano.

Ukulele comes highly recommended by my 1 year old!

Is this something you would try with your child?

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