An Oregon mother and child survived a nightmarish ordeal over the weekend after they came home to discover a stranger waiting for them inside their home.

According to KOIN, it started on Friday when 25-year-old Christopher Hahn-Collins broke into the Salem residence and threatened the family with a knife.

Hahn-Collins then forced the mother to undress and held the terrified duo captive. Lt. Chris Baldridge with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office told KATU:

“Really, it’s any person’s worst nightmare. She came home. He was inside of the residence. He then kept her captive for about the next 24 hours.”

On Saturday, the mother convinced Hahn-Collins to let them out to go on a shopping trip — and it worked.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Hahn-Collins escorted the mother and child to a nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods store, and the mom quickly sprung into action with a plan of escape, reported KPTV.

Once inside the store, the mother started mouthing “help me” to customers passing by.

It was enough to get her and the child to safety. Deputies soon arrived at the scene and arrested Hahn-Collins for kidnapping the family.

According to KATU, the man was previously identified as a “high-risk” sex offender who had been released from prison in late September.

In 2011, he was convicted of first-degree sex abuse and strangulation and was on parole for the crimes when he attacked the mother and child, KATU also reported.

He had a warrant for his arrest after he failed to report to his parole officer.

And now he is facing 10 new felony charges, including “burglary and kidnapping to coercion and unlawful use of a weapon,” KPTV reported.

Baldridge said that without the mother’s quick thinking, Hahn-Collins may have gotten away with a lot worse. He said, according to KPTV:

“I have to commend our victim in this case because she remained calm, she did what she needed to do to keep her family safe and get him to a location to where she could obviously summon help.”

Authorities have not disclosed the victims’ identities, but have confirmed that they were strangers to the kidnapper.

Hahn-Collins will return to court on December 20.

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