Ever since Chip and Joanna Gaines became the parents of five, the couple hasn’t stopped dotting on their newest edition, Crew.

Now almost 5 months old, both Chip and Joanna have been sharing handfuls of adorable photos of their youngest baby boy.

Most recently, Chip shared this photo of Crew sleeping in his car seat:

Chip captioned the photo:

Look at those 10 little toes.. he doesn’t know it yet, but those tiny feet are going to do amazing things someday.

And while the photo was meant to be an innocent display of a father’s love for his son, some of Chip’s followers were quick to point out all that was wrong with the photo.

Particularly, the dangers of allowing Crew to sleep in his car seat:

please don’t let your baby sleep in the car seat if it isn’t necessary. I jut read an article about a little girl who died of positional asphyxia!

my first thought when I saw this too.

not everyone knows how dangerous napping in a car seat outside of a vehicle can be… no matter how many kids they have. The little girl that died was 18 mos old. Her nanny didn’t know it was a danger. So sharing this info to anyone and everyone is the only way to possible save a life. @chipgaines@joannagaines are amazing parents. But it’s still beneficial to share this info.

I didn’t know this! Thanks for posting for those of us who read the comments! None of us know it all!

However, while some of the commenters cautioned the father to refrain from allowing his child to sleep in the car seat, it’s important to note that it’s unknown just how long Crew was strapped in for.

As Parents.com reports, the number one cause of death in babies 1 to 12 months old is due to sleep-related incidents:

Researchers examined the deaths of 47 young children under the age of 2, all of which occurred while in a device made for sitting or carrying. Two-thirds of the deaths occurred in car seats, while the rest occurred in slings, swings, bouncers, and strollers.

Asphyxiation (positional or strangulation) was the cause of death in 46 cases; 52 percent of the deaths were caused by strangulation from the device’s straps.

It’s like some of the commenters pointed out, not everyone knows all the dangers when it comes to raising children.

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