On March 6, reality TV star Courtney Stodden revealed to TMZ that she had filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, 57-year-old Doug Hutchinson. The couple had appeared on the reality show “Couples Therapy” in 2012.

Now, the 23-year-old is giving more insights into the last few years of her life.

In 2016, Stodden separated from Hutchinson for a second time— they had initially separated in 2013 but got back together nine months later, according to People. The second separation came around the same time Stodden revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage while carrying what would have been her and Hutchinson’s first child together.

Courtney Stodden/Instagram

Stodden told “The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro” that during her first separation with Hutchinson, she was sexually abused two different times.

She vaguely explained the nights of the abuse to the radio show host, saying that she was nervous to tell her estranged husband at first because she wasn’t sure how he would react:

“When the first incident happened, I actually didn’t tell him. It was during the first time we separated. It actually happened to me two times when we were separated. I didn’t tell him it happened. At that age, I was only 19 when my first experience happened, and I didn’t really think it was wrong which is the crazy part.

I felt like, ‘Okay, well that’s how sex is.’ I only had sex with one man before that, it was Doug, so gentle, not to get explicit, but I was like, ‘Okay, maybe that’s just a rough way of going on a date and there ya go.’ I really didn’t realize it was sexual abuse until I started hearing these women talking.

It wasn’t until ‘Me Too’ started that I was like, ‘Wow, maybe that wasn’t okay.’ It’s really a sad thing that happens all the time.”

Stodden said she didn’t want to go into too much detail at that moment, but she plans on sharing the full story one day.

Since filing for divorce, the 23-year-old has been letting her social media followers in on how she’s been dealing with the stress in her life:

On the day she filed for divorce, she wrote on Instagram:

This day marks a new chapter in my life. It’s a lot scary and a little surreal. But all change is. Praying ?? having faith and hope in the destiny God has created for me.

Hutchinson has not responded to his estranged wife’s admissions of sexual abuse.

Despite not going into too much detail on “The Tomorrow Show,” she told the hosts that she’s “definitely happy that anybody who is a victim of #MeToo is getting heard.”

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