While most parents wouldn’t put shopping at the top of their list of things to do together on a night out, one couple let it take over their chance to have a romantic date night.

With an overnight babysitter caring for their daughters, Alyssa and Tony Serafini had the whole night to themselves. The Massachusetts mom and dad started their night of freedom on a normal note by hitting a local bar together for drinks, according to Scary Mommy.

The pair sat at Gibbet Hill Grill, throwing back some rum-filled specialties.


“They have this drink called ’10 Years Rum Punch’ that comes in its own little bottle,” Tony explained.

Once his wife got a couple of the bottles in her, the conversation turned to shopping — specifically, the kind of shopping most parents try to put off until the last minute … the dreaded back-to-school shopping.

“My wife got two of them and then wouldn’t stop talking about back-to-school shopping at Target, but I didn’t want to do that because it’s still July,” Tony recalled.

Alyssa wanted to hit the stores, but Tony took a little convincing to spend their valuable alone time together that way.

Guess who won the shopping battle?

The parents, who are also both teachers, said goodbye to the bar and got to work on the school supply list.

“We ended up at Target, and walked around shopping and taking pictures, like teenagers,” Tony said.

Alyssa’s rum punch drinks had definitely hit her, as she climbed onto shelves like a child would do. Her happiness for getting the back-to-school list taken care of while she was drunk couldn’t be contained.


The buzzed wife had her choice of going anywhere she wanted on her date with her husband, and Target’s land of school supplies became her dream come true.

Alyssa left the store beaming with a box full of enough items to fill a school desk, proving you don’t have to be sober to tackle the list that shows up every August.

And even though this wasn’t Tony’s number one way to spend a romantic evening with his wife, he was happy just to spend time with her.

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