Rebekka and Randy Hauskins suffered one of the most devastating losses in 2010 — the loss of a child.

Rebekka recalled to Today the day she learned that her daughter no longer had a heartbeat:

“I realized something was just not right, and I didn’t feel good that day.”

The Hauskins’s grief didn’t end with the passing of their daughter. Instead of being able to heal and move on, they were constantly reminded of their loss. Today reported that every month, Randy had to write checks to the hospital to pay off the delivery bill. Rebekka recalled:

“It was something he had to consciously write a check for every month — no matter if it was a year later. He still was writing that check and it hurt every time.”

So the couple decided to do something about it. Rebekkah explained:

“You just feel like there has to be something you can do to help after a loss. It wasn’t until we had gotten our delivery bill that it struck me to take away that expense. After losing a child, there’s nothing anybody can say to you that can make it better — there’s nothing anybody can do to change the situation, but, the financial burden can be changed.”

The Hauskinses created “Hayden’s Helping Hands,” a nonprofit “dedicated to financially assist parents with medical expenses after the birth of a stillborn baby.”

For grieving parents in Washington and Oregon, the nonprofit will pay $1,000 toward the hospital bill, as that was the cost of the Hauskins’s bill. Today reports that Hayden’s Helping Hands has paid for 43 delivery bills so far, in addition to providing “invaluable support and encouragement” along the way.

Rebekkah told Today that for her family, the organization is about saying:

“‘I know you had a baby and I recognize your loss.’ No one wants to acknowledge grief, but it’s important.”

To donate to Hayden’s Helping Hands and assist a grieving family, visit their website for more information.

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