The day Tori became Mrs. Dominic Tumolo seemed to be going perfectly for the bride and groom — until the reception took a frightening turn.

Tori began to feel strange midway through the couple’s reception. She told Fox 29 that she thought to herself:

Maybe I’m overwhelmed or it’s just nerves.

First, she began to feel itchy after hitting the dance floor to celebrate, but the bride — who is a nurse — knew it was serious when her throat began to close up.

First, she began to feel itchy after hitting the dance floor to celebrate, but the bride — who is a nurse — knew it was serious when her throat began to close up.

She started thinking “this can’t be happening now.” But it was, and she realized she was having an allergic reaction to something and needed help so she could breathe. In the middle of her reception she said:

You need to get my parents. I think I have to go to the hospital.

Her father used an EpiPen to help her, giving the bride a shot through her wedding dress before the ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital. There, she learned she was suffering from a rare disorder.

According to Liftable, Tori was diagnosed with exercise-induced anaphylaxis, or EIA. According to Medscape, an anaphylactic reaction can occur after physical activity, such as dancing, jogging, tennis, or bicycling. The condition occurs within a few hours after eating a specific food.

The bride’s allergic reaction stemmed from the risotto she had eaten at dinner; she discovered she was allergic to milk and almonds.

Medscape reports the most commonly linked foods to the conditions include wheat, shellfish, tomatoes, peanuts, and corn. Milk, fruits, and various meats are also known to cause the rare disorder.

Tori and Dominic had no choice but to leave their 250 wedding guests behind to enjoy the reception while the bride was being treated that night, but it broke the bride’s heart to miss the special moments she had been waiting her whole life for.

Jim Auletto, owner of Auletto Caterers, was just as upset as the bride was after she was whisked away to the hospital. He told Fox 29:

“This is driving me crazy, she didn’t get to cut her cake. It never happened before, so we have to do something.”

So he decided to re-do the reception for the bride and groom.

The catering company and local vendors teamed up to give them the day back that they missed out on. Volunteers did the bride’s hair and makeup and the florist donated flowers. A new wedding cake was made by the baker, and the photographer took photos for free, according to Liftable.

Auletto Caterers/Instagram

Dominic told Fox 29:

“Mr. Auletto emailed us, and she [Tori] just started crying because she was so happy.”

Half of the couple’s original guests even returned for the free do-over wedding reception and were able to watch the bride and groom go through all the traditional moments they missed out on the first time around.

See the newlyweds discuss their wedding reception surprise below:

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