Mike Cox and his wife had no idea a huge party was about to be thrown at their Colorado home. Nobody invited them to it.

As CBS 4 in Denver reports, a group of rowdy teens staked a claim to the house — which is up for sale — by throwing a monster-sized bash inside of it while the couple was having dinner at a friend’s house.

The teens spread the word about the party on social media and allegedly broke into the home through the back door. They even posted shots of the wild night on Snapchat.

Cox and his wife came home to find deputies at their house and a sea of teenagers rushing out of it. He told CBS 4:

“You come home and find that 200 or 300 kids have broken into your house and torn it to pieces.”

Neighbors called police when the party became out of control, but it was too late to stop the damage that was done. Cox said:

“There were beer cans, liquor bottles, wine bottles, everywhere. There’s video of 5, 6 kids on top of this counter top, squirting champagne all over my house.”

The homeowner was left with windows shattered, glass all over his house, stained ceilings, and broken tiles.

He was furious when he found his home trashed by strangers:

“Seeing these kids at my kitchen table where we eat, it just sent me over the top. I was screaming at them. My wife was in tears. It was devastating,”

The blowout at the house didn’t seem to be a random choice to the owner. According to Denver 7, Cox thinks he knows why his house was targeted for the massive party.

He said:

“I think we were targeted because our house was for sale on the market, and somebody saw it online and thought it was going to be empty. But it wasn’t.”

After spending months of work doing updates on the home — coats of fresh paint, floor repairs to name a few — the owners had no choice but to take the for sale sign down and start all over. Cox said:

“Now we’re having to pull it off the market. A lot of the work we’ve done has been undone.”

He said there is “tens of thousands of dollars” worth of damage.

Cox added:

“I wish their parents could feel what this feels like. The violation… it’s just shameful.”

It’s not only the financial hit that is upsetting the family, their dogs were inside the home when the break-in happened and are still traumatized from it. There is also the fear more people could return again:

“No one’s sleeping very well. You don’t know if they have our address, if they’re going to come back.”

Cox is hoping the Snapchat video the teens posted will help lead to their arrests.

Some of the teenagers have already been arrested and face charges for burglary and underage drinking.

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