David Weinlick made a bold promise to his friends back in 1994.

According to LittleThings, the bachelor had one lofty goal — to be married on June 13, 1998.

Four years and 28 bachelorettes later, David met and married a 28-year-old pharmacy student, Elizabeth. The pair had only known each other for five minutes before their ceremony.

The process to find David a bride was the zany search heard round the world. David’s loved ones held a massive search at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. It was there that his friends selected Elizabeth out of the crowd.

Twenty years and four kids later, they’re still together.

“Today” interviewed the couple on their 10th wedding anniversary, and the pair credited teamwork as the unconventional virtue that kept them together. David said:

“I don’t think it’s that much of a secret. It’s really about how we make it work together. Committed to being together. And honestly, it’s not something that special. I mean, people arrange marriages all over the world, right? And it works really well.”

While Elizabeth acknowledges that naysayers may have had some concerns, speculation that the pair wouldn’t last this long was unfounded. She added:

“You never go into marriage thinking it will only last few years. Yes, we thought it was going to last this long. Dave was not doing it as a publicity stunt, which a lot people were saying at the time.”

From the day they said their vows, both Elizabeth and David were committed to each other in sickness and in health. Unfortunately, they were made to test that very promise recently.


In March, Dave was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, the Star Tribune reported. His diagnosis was bleak — the doctor gave Dave only one year to live.

Elizabeth told the Star Tribune that it was an unreal shock to the senses and a bitter dose of reality:

“We’re still coming to terms with the fact that the whole life we had planned together isn’t going to happen. That is impossible to get your head around.”

Dave added:

“I got the relationship I was looking for with someone who’s ready to roll with the ups and downs, for better or worse.”

And on August 18, the pair returned to their place of marriage to prove just that. Dave and Elizabeth renewed their vows at the Mall of America nearly two decades after their unorthodox coupling.

The two danced to the song that first rang out during their wedding, “What A Wonderful World.”

It seems their love truly conquers all.

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