TLC’s newest show, “Behind Closed Doors,” chronicles the unfiltered life of the average American family.

One of the families highlighted on the show is a husband and wife named Andy and Deena from Brooklyn, New York. They have three daughters, 24-year-old Chelsea, 17-year-old Savannah, and 8-year-old Sienna.


Andy and Deena have been married for 18 years and own a sports complex/after school program, as well as a restaurant and bar together. Sadly, despite being by each other’s side for more than 18 years, Andy had a moment of weakness last year and was unfaithful to Deena.

She explained the situation:

“Our relationship is definitely at a crossroads right now. He cheated on me and was very unfaithful. It really took a toll on our marriage. It’s been really tough.

He met the girl at our bar, and I was there when he met her. The girl wanted to book a birthday party. I told Andy, ‘Oh take her number.’ I didn’t want to deal with it. He takes her number and he calls her.

I was opening up some mail, I found a traffic ticket. The traffic ticket had a picture of his Maserati, the time 3:30 in the morning, and the only thing on the street where it said he got the ticket was two hotels.

I pick up the phone, the first hotel that I call and I’m like, ‘Oh, hi, my name is Andy. I stayed there on April 27, I need a receipt.’'”

The hotel looked up Andy’s name and told Deena over the phone that they were emailing her a receipt for her stay straight away. Deena confronted Andy about the hotel and the ticket, and he ultimately confessed to cheating.

Andy said in a confessional that he was unfaithful to his wife because this girl “saw him differently and didn’t judge him.” It was a “breath of fresh air.” However, he now realizes how wrong he was.

Now Deena is having trouble forgiving her husband and moving past his infidelity.

She admitted that simply going to work at their restaurant or riding around in the Maserati that Andy built is difficult for her because it reminds her of everything that happened.

Andy’s unfaithful ways have also put a damper on Deena’s relationships with her two oldest daughters, who know see their mother as “cold and unaffectionate.”

She explained:

“The cheating has really affected my relationships with Savannah and Chelsea. When I found out about the affair, I was literally dying inside, but I knew I just couldn’t fall apart in front of my kids. You know, I just had to keep life going normal for them. So I kept my distance and I did not show them my feelings and I think that must have really bothered them. Now they feel like I’m heartless.”

The only reason Deena shut down was so that her girls wouldn’t hurt as bad as she was hurting, but now the mom of three doesn’t know how to “undo” it all.

Andy admitted that he hopes Deena will be able to move past everything he put her through, adding that he has been going to church with her as a way to make it up to her.

Sadly, Deena is just not sure if she’ll be able to move on from the pain Andy’s infidelity has caused her.

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