On a Thursday in July, Promlikhit and Carolina Khamkhong went on a motorcycle ride on San Diego’s Highway 94.


Both donned helmets and took to the wide open road around 10:30 p.m. After underestimating a tricky right turn, Khamkhong lost control of the bike; his vehicle “veered off the street and down a steep embankment.”

But before the tragic accident, Khamkhong had enough foresight and clarity to take life-saving measures on behalf of his wife. Carolina recalled to NBC 7:

“He pushed me off. He did a selfless thing and pushed me off. I should have held him.”

Khamkhong sacrificed his own life for his wife’s.


Her injuries didn’t stop Carolina from crawling back to the scene to search for her husband. She was able to flag down passing motorists, who pulled over, to help. She recalled the night on social media:

“I couldn’t find you, I was calling out for you, but I couldn’t hear you. I know I had to get help, so I climbed up the hill, I kept falling, but I needed help to find you.”

When emergency responders arrived, they discovered Khamkhong’s unresponsive body. He had died at the scene.


Khamkhong was a Navy Corpsman and was set to leave for his fourth deployment soon. Carolina said:

“He loved his work, he loved helping people he really enjoyed it.”

He was a real family man:


She added:

“He came home from leave, so he was able to spend time with us before he left again.”

Along with his grieving wife, Khamkhong has left behind one son. Friends of the family have started a GoFundMe page to help cover medical and living expenses.


Carolina is struggling to cope with life without her “best friend, [her] soulmate, [her] everything.” She added:

“It’s just so hard. He had a heart of gold. He’s my ray of sunshine.”

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