Amanda Mutchler and Rob Moobery met in 2011, working at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, according to The Way We Met.

Because of the similar sound of their last names when abbreviated — Mu and Moo — the pair often got mixed up when their coworkers called for them. Shortly after they started working together, Rob asked Amanda out by asking, “Two moos and some brews?” They immediately clicked, and the rest was history.

However, their journey to where they are now — happily married with two kids — was not an easy one.

Five months after their first date, the young couple moved in together. However, shortly after settling in, Amanda noticed something was off with her boyfriend. After countless doctors, a few trips to the hospital, and a loss of 60 pounds in 12 months, the couple knew something was “terribly wrong.”

Eventually one doctor decided to do “an exploratory surgery” on him because:

No healthy man loses 60 pounds in one year.

Unfortunately, the doctor was correct. Rob was diagnosed with stage-four terminal colorectal cancer. Surgeons removed “a tumor the size of a man’s fist.” The cancer had already spread all throughout Rob’s body. The doctors gave him a grim diagnosis: Rob had just two weeks to live.

Days after the diagnosis, Rob turned to Amanda and whispered, “I want to get married,” to which she immediately agreed.

Within 11 days, two days before Rob was scheduled for “the treatment that would most likely kill him,” the couple married.

Chemotherapy did nothing to help Rob, according to Amanda. Therefore, they tried the holistic route, both altering their diets to strictly vegan. Although doctors told them they were being naive, Rob’s cancer was reduced by 80 percent just three week later.

By the end of 2014, Rob had officially beaten cancer.

But the couple’s struggles weren’t over yet. When it came time to try to start a family, the couple struggled to get pregnant due to Rob’s radiation treatment. However, after enduring in vitro fertilization and a “heartbreaking miscarriage,” the pair was blessed with twins. As Amanda explained online:

“It’s crazy to think that only a few years ago we had all the odds stacked against us. It just goes to show you that love can make miracles.”

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