Texas couple Julissa and Austin were excited to share their adorable engagement photos — until they received a viral reaction online.

According to BuzzFeed, the sweet images were shot by Norma Acosta Photography in a scenic area near some trees. Austin decided to wear his Army uniform, since he is in the service.

Norma Acosta Photography/Facebook

But the couple never anticipated the small decision would earn them so much attention online.

Shortly after Julissa posted the photos on her Twitter account, she started getting roasted by other users:


Many claimed her fiancé’s camouflage clothing made him almost unnoticeable in the photos.

Some Twitter users wrote:

Photographer Norma Acosta couldn’t believe her photographs went viral online so quickly. She told Dearly:

“I was initially surprised seeing my photos in a meme that was getting so much attention, then in shock as I saw them going viral.”

Though most of the jokes seemed to be light-hearted, all of the attention eventually led to some negative criticism as well.

Some took jabs at Austin’s appearance and others slammed Julissa’s character. Acosta said she was appalled by the way some social media users treated her clients. She told Dearly:

“Some of the reactions have some kind/fun humor, which is why they went viral in the first place. However I was appalled by the negative jokes. I’m capturing a very special time in my clients’ lives and for people to make inappropriate bad jokes, is sickening.”

Strangely enough, Twitter users weren’t the only ones who managed to overlook Austin in the photographs.

Julissa told BuzzFeed her own mom thought her daughter was sitting by herself in the first photo. The Texas native said:

“I thought she was making a camo joke, but she was serious.”

However, it doesn’t look like the loving couple is letting the drama keep them down and certainly aren’t toning down their military pride.

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