A couple was shocked to return home from their Hawaiian vacation on February 10 only to find their San Jose, California, home burglarized and their BMW stolen.

Days after the theft, Tiana Le and her husband Toai Tran discovered three teens had recorded a video of themselves riding around in the family’s black convertible — smoking marijuana and waving cash around while listening to rap music, reports ABC7.

ABC7 News

Toai was looking through vacation photos on his iCloud when he noticed a mysterious clip had been uploaded from his stolen iPad. He said:

“I find there’s this random video that’s on my phone of three girls smoking weed in my car, on my iPad!”

Tiana Le recognized her wallet in video and knew that the teens were having a joyride in her vehicle. She didn’t immediately report the video to police for fear they wouldn’t find the suspects.

ABC7 News

Instead, she posted the video on Facebook. She said:

“I put the video on Facebook because I wanted some identification of who they are. Because the cops told us the night before, I felt like they weren’t going to do anything.”

The video quickly went viral and to one mom’s surprise, she spotted her 16-year-old daughter in the clip.

Watch the video below:

A mother, only identified as Elizabeth said:

“A friend of mine messaged me and sent it to me through Facebook. It said, ‘Liz, I think this is your daughter.’ I watched the video and I said, ‘Oh, that’s definitely her!'”

Elizabeth reached out to the couple, who live right down the street, through Facebook. She admitted that her daughter was one of the teens filmed in the ride smoking weed. The mother told ABC7:

“I’m very, very sorry. Please be lenient with my child because I know she did a bad thing and I am not happy about that. She did a bad thing and it’s not okay.’

The San Jose Police Department is still investigating the theft.

ABC7 News

Elizabeth claims her daughter had nothing to do with the burglary. She told the station on Tuesday the teen ran away from home.

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