These days, some advertisers are going to extreme measures to catch a viewer’s attention.

Now that seemingly everyone has a cellphone filled with games and social media apps, it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep people’s eyes on the screen during commercial breaks.

But one Italian company managed to catch some attention for their “extreme” commercial in a major way — but not for the reason they wanted.

According to Mashable, the food company, Buondí Motta, has landed in hot water for airing a commercial that depicted the death of a mother.


The Italian commercial starts off with a young girl asking her mother for a “light, but inviting breakfast.” The mother then says that no such breakfast exists, before delivering the punchline:

“Might an asteroid hit me if it does!”

Then an asteroid comes crashing down from the sky onto the unsuspecting mother — killing her right in front of her young daughter. And some social media users are not having it.

Thousands of people have since commented on Buondí Motta’s ad. Some Facebook users wrote in Italian:

“When you thought about the commercial, didn’t it occur to you that a child who tragically lost her mother could feel bad in front of these images?”

“Buondí to everyone… I love this snack but this ad I didn’t like considering the time we’re going through…. blowing up a mom? That is my opinion, of course.”

“It’s awful. It’s unreal to let the girl speak with such a constructed phrasing. And nobody, not even someone with a great sense of irony, could smile at the mother burned down by the asteroid.”

“Let me understand: killing a mother, in front of her daughter — is that a suitable ad for children who have to watch this ‘matricide’ in the break between cartoons?”

But the advertisement didn’t end there. Popular morning show, “Today,” aired the second half of the brutal commercial — and it may be even worse.

In part two, another asteroid comes down and strikes the girl’s father, after she just watched what had just happened to her mom. The extreme clip left many of the “Today” hosts cringing and laughing.


However, Buondí Motta is vehemently standing by its advertisement.

On Facebook, the company told a disgruntled viewer that the ad “plays on the irony, lightness and absurdity of the characters and situations,” according to Mashable. The company wrote:

“We can assure you no mothers have been sacrificed, mistreated, or hurt during the realization of this ad.”

But its defense doesn’t seem to be doing it much good. Buondí Motta is still getting slammed online for its insensitive commercial.

You can watch the extended commercial below.

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