Well, here we are again.

In 2015, we all thought we were losing our minds when we saw a picture of a dress that either looked white and gold or blue and dark blue, depending on the light.

Now a new picture of a shoe is making people freaking out about color perception.

Here’s the shoe in question…


Be honest, what color do you think it is?

According to some, it looks teal and gray. To others, it’s pink and white.

The truth is… it’s both.

According to Twitter user @dolansmalik, the picture was taken in dark light which caused the flash to make it look teal in the picture. But the shoe is actually pink and white.

Wallace Thoreson, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, told WGNTV that the reason people see different colors is that your brain is constantly working to determine the color of the light on objects:

“Your brain is constantly estimating the color of the light that’s falling on the object and factoring that light out. Each of us makes slightly different unconscious assumptions.”

Bad lighting, genetics, and lack of context can lead people to perceive different colors.

So, you might be looking at a pink shoe, while I’m sitting under office lights and certain that I’m looking a teal shoe.

But good luck trying to explain all that to your mom while she’s adamantly arguing that the shoes are teal and gray.

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