Nearly two years after Kate Gosselin revealed that one of her sextuplets, Collin, was admitted to an institution for special needs, his father, Jon Gosselin, and one of his sisters, Hannah, busted him out…

At least for a few hours.


So good to see Collin again I had so much fun shopping with him

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Hannah and Jon capped off the long weekend with another visit to see Collin. And they took him shopping. Hannah wrote on Instagram:

So good to see Collin again I had so much fun shopping with him.

As Dearly previously reported, over the last couple of weeks, Jon and Hannah have been spending a lot of time together and posting about it on Instagram.

Just before Memorial Day weekend, both Jon and Hannah thanked their followers who commented on their photos and offered them support:

Hannah has since deleted hers.

On Saturday, the father/daughter duo revealed that they were going on a road trip:


Road tripping!!!

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Apparently to see Collin.

Many commented under Hannah’s picture, elated to see her and Jon visiting her brother:

Omg so pleased to see Colin .. looks happy .. U all look happy.

I bet he was glad to see you too!!

So good to see Collin! You too Hannah!

Awesome great pics, I hope Collin will get too live with Jon.

Awh and he looks so happy to be out with you guys!! Love it!

This makes my heart sing, to see you enjoying this Memorial Weekend with your beloved children.

I can’t love this enough! So happy for you all.

Love seeing Collin! Glad he’s there with you.

Yay! So good to see Collin again. You all look happy.

Happy to see you out and about with Collin.

This makes my heart soar. So happy for all of you!

This isn’t the first time Jon and Hannah documented their visits with Collin. Just after the sextuplets celebrated their 14th birthday, Jon and Hannah took a trip to see him:


Glad I could celebrate my son Collin’s 14th birthday with him and his sister!

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They brought pizza and cake in order to celebrate.

Kate has yet to comment about Jon and Hannah’s recent trips.

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