Two years ago, model and actress Coco Austin welcomed her first child with her husband, rapper and actor Ice-T.

Now old enough to appreciate the finer things in life, Coco is thrilled that her daughter has taken an interest in getting her nails done. As Coco claimed on Instagram:

“I have a new partner when I have to get my nails done now.”

The proud mom shared a video of Chanel sitting calming as the technician painted her nails a bright pink:

Coco continued:

Sometimes Chanel gets her toes done with me at the salon but she wanted to try getting her hands done for the 1st time. She was a pro and sat still to let them dry. […] Who hoo! Am I creating a monster?

And while most had only nice things to say about the mother-daughter bonding time:

I was gonna do my three-year-old and thought maybe she too young. Since seeing this, I will try it now.

Cuteness overload! Too adorable.

Oh my, this is so adorable. I love how she’s your little buddy at all times, dressing the same and doing everything together.

Other people shamed the mom of one for exposing her young daughter to harmful chemicals and infections:

Wow too early.

Pedicure spas are so unsanitary.

Try and get a nontoxic polish. I swear, every time I paint my toes I can taste it in my saliva, which means it’s entering my system. Can’t be healthy.

No, of course, you’re not creating a monster! You’re a great and loving mom, but I guess I do have reservations about it. Coco, you wouldn’t believe the horrid infections that can be picked up from nail salons, no matter how high class they are and swear to you, “No Bacteria Here!” I worked in a hospital for 20 years and have seen these infections turn into super bacteria strains like MRSA or Necrotizing Fasciitis. Also, although you might not smell the fumes from all the chemicals used in a salon, they still can affect a small child. I hate to sound like an alarmist, but just be vigilant before you take her, that there are no tiny cuts in her arms, cuticles, and fingertips or tiny scrapes or cuts on her legs. Love you both!

Chemical fumes, nice job.

Hoping it’s chemical-free kids polish, it’s not great

I would be scared she might catch something. I’m sure you go to an amazing place, it’s just she’s so little.

Although it’s clear Coco isn’t intentionally exposing Chanel to anything she feels is bad for her health, there are plenty of stories out there detailing the horrific infections people have received while going to a nail salon.


How young is too young for a person to be exposed to the possible hazards native to a nail salon, and as long as Coco feels her daughter is in good hands, should this be such a big deal?

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