Presley Gerber, 18, and Kaia Gerber, 16, have followed in the footsteps of their mother, legendary model and actress Cindy Crawford.

They have both quickly become household names in the modeling industry.

Presley Gerber/Instagram

And the brother-and-sister duo are incredibly close.

They consistently post pictures together on social media:

Presley Gerber/Instagram Kaia Gerber/Instagram

And Presley even got his little sister’s name tattooed on his arm:

Presley Gerber/Instagram

Although the tattoo was most likely meant to be endearing, many of the teen’s followers commented on the photo, calling the tattoo “weird”:

Kinda weird but ok goals!

Ok so you know how I told you awhile back how weird and close Kaia and Presley are for brother and sister, he got her name tattooed on him.

No words wtf.

Kinda weird.


Get it covered.

Super close with my brother, but that’s just pushing it.

A lil odd.

So weird! Creepy!

Is that your sister’s name? That’s a little strange…

Creepy and weird.

Very weird and unsettling.

However, some thought it was nice that Presley and Kaia are so close and called the tattoo “adorable”:

Bro is my best [friend] but not tatting his name on me. To each their own tho! It’s nice to siblings that are close when so many aren’t and as they age the relationship falls apart more. My boyfriend has no relationship with his sister… it’s really sad to witness.

This is adorable!!! You two are so lucky to have such a close relationship with each other, cherish it.

I think it’s sweet I’m very close with my brother, so I get it.

It’s just a tattoo of a family member’s name. Others do that. Y’all are reading too much into this.

Wow, so lucky Kaia to have a brother like you.

Kaia, who was with Presley during New York Fashion Week, which is when he got the tattoo, also commented on the photo, calling him the “best bro in the world.” Both their mother and father commented as well, saying, “RG+JG APPROVED” and “Cool.”

Weird or adorable, what do you think?

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