A church bus driver from Tennessee is behind bars after it was revealed he had played an abusive game of “truth or dare” with two 10-year-old children who rode his bus.

According to WREG in Memphis, Tennessee, Edwin Burgess, a 54-year-old employee at the Central Christian Church in Covington, allegedly started sexually abusing the children around January of this year.

In order to get the children to do what he wanted, Burgess started to give them a series of “dares,” many of which were sexual in nature, according to police reports.

Tipton County Sheriff’s Office

Burgess allegedly once asked the children to urinate in a sink and even “dared” them to ride the bus naked.

According to police documents obtained by Fox 13, when one of the children expressed concern about how her mother would feel, Burgess said:

“No one will tell, plus the bus windows are dark so no one will see.”

Eventually, the children confided in a friend about the sick game, who then told her mother what was going on, according to Fox 13. She quickly contacted the authorities.

But once the investigation began, it became clear just how far Burgess had purportedly gone with the kids.

According to WREG, one of the 10-year-olds told police that Burgess had been raping her since around New Year’s Day of 2017. The child said that he most recently raped her after church on June 18.

Screenshot/Google Maps

Some of the abuse allegedly took place in the church basement.

Burgess was arrested on June 29 and charged with rape of a child and aggravated sexual battery. But his lawyer, Jere Mason, said the 54-year-old is “surprised” by the allegations. According to People, he told WREG:

“Edwin Burgess was extremely surprised and deeply saddened to learn of these charges being levied against him. He strongly maintains his innocence and plans to vigorously fight these charges in a court of law.”

His preliminary court date has been scheduled for July 14.

The Central Christian Church, where some of the illegal acts allegedly took place, has yet to respond to the arrest.

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