Legendary model Christie Brinkley is firing back after talk show host Wendy Williams called her injury fake.

As Dearly previously reported, Brinkley fell and broke her wrist during a rehearsal before the first episode of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” premiered on September 16. The 65-year-old was one of 12 contestants chosen to compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy this year.

However, when the fall resulted in a broken wrist that would require surgery, she had to drop out of the competition — leaving her partner, Val Chermokovsky, out of the competition as well.

But, in an attempt to keep the Brinkley name on the show, Christie requested that her 21-year-old Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook take her place. And that’s precisely what happened.

And when news broke that Sailor would be filling in for her mom, Wendy Williams called the mother-daughter duo out. Williams said:

“Well, that looked fake as hell, okay. Let me tell you what I see. What I see is a 65-year-old hot stuff, who looks like if you were to fracture anybody, you should have said the tailbone. I don’t see a wrist and a shoulder being fractured. But that was real cute.”

Williams believes it was a stunt to get her daughter, an up-and-coming model, some exposure. A week later, she apologized for hurting Brinkley’s feelings, but said her opinion still stands.

Brinkley then retaliated by sharing photos and x-rays of her injuries on Instagram. (Warning: Graphic imagery below.)

Brinkley wrote:

It goes against my better judgment to acknowledge haters and conspiracy theorists but because this involves my precious daughter I’m setting the record straight. It’s sad that we live in a time where the truth is not as scintillating as hurtful lies. If it was just me I would have let this roll right off my back, but on #nationaldaughtersday, I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to stand up for truth. Thank you for being such an amazing daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook for overcoming your fears to step in. I’m so proud of you! But I STILL want my favorite jeans back!

Thousands have since offered Brinkley their support.

What do you think about Wendy’s public accusations?

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5 Replies to “After Wendy Williams Calls Christie Brinkley’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Injury Fake, the Model Shares Proof”

  • Eugene L Rodgers jr 2 years ago

    Every one knows that Wendy is a gossip monger.

  • Kay 2 years ago

    I think Wendy may have overstepped her boundries a bit.

  • C. Chiminery 2 years ago

    I think Wendy need to go to Wendy’s and inflate her jowls with frosties.?

  • C. Chiminery 2 years ago

    I think Wendy need to go to Wendy’s and inflate her jowls with frosties.?

  • Freddie Amos 2 years ago

    I believe this is one time that Williams should have just shut the hell up.She knew nothing about what was going on.

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