Luke Smallbone, half of the Christian music duo For King and Country, was mowing the lawn on September 15, 2017, when the desperate cry came from his wife. Their infant son, Leo, was in distress and they needed to call 911.


As Faith Family America reports, Courtney, Luke’s wife, believes the Holy Spirit was urging her to check on her son. When she ran into the bedroom, Leo was grey and lifeless. As Luke wrote on Instagram:

She felt God impress on her to check on him while he was napping and after many prayers and some CPR, our little boy started to breathe again.

The couple took Leo to the hospital, where they ran a series of tests on the baby boy. The tests led to the discovery of another health issue, for which he would have to have surgery.


On January 8, Luke wrote on Instagram that Leo would be having reconstructive surgery on his skull the next day. He asked his followers to pray for his son and his family:

I so wish he didn’t have to walk through the physical pain, but the fact that he can have healing and restoration is a gift from God.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success. Luke posted an update the next day, telling followers that, “Our sweet Leo is out of surgery & all went better than expected!” As they expected to remain in the hospital for about a week, he asked supporters to “continue lifting him up as he heals.”


But Leo’s guardian angel appears to be at it again. To the amazement of the hospital staff, the baby boy is recovering from surgery much faster than they anticipated.

Luke shared the good news on Instagram, writing that he overheard a nurse say she’d “never seen a patient recover so quickly from this surgery.” After only three days of healing, Leo was doing so well that a doctor told the family, “[W]e can’t find a reason to keep him any longer.”


The doctors may have been shocked by Leo’s progress. But his parents knew who to thank. As Luke wrote:

Of course, these docs might be surprised and wonder how this could happen, but we are certain of the answer: prayer. To each of the thousands of you around the world who have been praying for our son, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Thrilled to be taking his son home early, Luke contemplated the difficult journey Leo has had in his young life. But being tested has shown Luke another side of his wife:

I am completely blown away by my wife’s consistency in such deep prayer. I’m a different man having witnessed her great faith in praying for his protection, and for blessings on his life.

He added:

“We could not be more joyful in bringing our little Leo home. […] Much love to you all and once again, thank you for your prayers.”

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