Model and mom of two, Chrissy Teigen, loves the kitchen and she loves sharing that passion for food with her eldest child, 3-year-old Luna.

For those who already follow Teigen, it’s no secret that Teigen loves to make homecooked meals for her family. She often posts videos of the process to Instagram and Twitter.

Most recently, Teigen shared a short video of her and Luna making homemade chocolate bars. And her synopsis of the arduous process was very mom-like.

She wrote:

Making candy bars for the first and last time ever.

Teigen later shared a picture of the final product.

And even though the bar itself looked great, Teigen confirmed she will never make her own chocolate bars again:

The model said:

I look terrible but the chocolate is a beauty. But yeah I am never doing this again.

Many of Teigen’s followers understood the mom’s decision to never make homemade chocolate bars again:

Made lip gloss with my daughter and it was the worst experience ever, By the time we were done I was stickier than gum on a hot sidewalk and looked just as good.

You don’t look terrible, she’s adorable, the chocolate bar looks great 🙂 and yeah, I also have found myself swearing to never make some things again because it’s time consuming, annoying, or whatever else. #momlife

You don’t look terrible, you look like a mom who was making memories with her kid. Which in my opinion makes you look pretty damn good.

You look like a loving and caring mother. And that is always beautiful.

You look like a mommy whose daughter has no clue how tricky making chocolate bars is. Lol. You, Luna, and the chocolate are lovely.

Did you ever have a moment like this that you swore you would never do again?

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