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Chrissy Teigen Slams Lavish Birthday Parties For Kids. She Thinks It’s Actually ‘For the Parents’

Chrissy Teigen Slams Lavish Birthday Parties For Kids. She Thinks It’s Actually ‘For the Parents’

Mother of two Chrissy Teigen isn’t shy when it comes to getting real about parenting.

The 33-year-old model recently called out those participating in the viral “cheesed challenge,” in which parents throw slices of cheese at their unsuspecting children, Dearly reported.

Teigen tweeted about the trend:

I love a prank as much as anybody but I cannot get myself to throw cheese at my adorable, unsuspecting baby who has all the hope and trust in the world in me.

Now, she’s sharing her opinion on another hot topic — lavish children’s birthday parties.

Hollywood stars like the Kardashians seem to be upping the ante for kid’s parties these days.

Kylie Jenner created a mini amusement park for her daughter’s first birthday, complete with a giant inflatable version of Stormi’s head, a merry-go-round, and even a gift shop.

And her big sister Kim Kardashian went equally as big for her daughter, Chicago. The infant’s first birthday had an “Alice in Wonderland” theme and featured costumed characters.

Teigen was in attendance with her children and husband, John Legend, for the elaborate birthday event.

However, Teigen apparently isn’t a fan of throwing massive parties for kids.

The model’s daughter, Luna, is turning three next month and they’re only planning on having a small, Disney-themed celebration at their home, she told Us Weekly.

“I think we’ve been to enough kids’ birthday parties here in L.A. to know that, ‘OK, we can’t do this.’ They don’t seem to ever have a good time. All the other kids have a great time, but the kid is usually totally overwhelmed, and a lot of the times it’s for the parents, honestly.”

Teigen said she knows her daughter will love the party even if it’s not over-the-top:

“She’s so into princesses right now. She’s very into Disney movies. I think we might do that, but she’s not gonna know until we’re there. I think we’re just gonna keep it small, keep it family, and make her Disney dreams come true.”

What do you think of lavish birthday parties? Let us know in the comments.

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  • She attends said parties then bashes them??? Isn’t that the definition of a hypocrite and….gasp…mom shaming?!?!? If the mom wants to do it, let them! You don’t know the conversation behind family doors about what the 2yr old screamed they needed!! For someone who hates “Mom shaming”, you have a lot to say about others! Hmm

    • Sorry for such a late reply, but I just found this article – and I couldn’t resist replying to your comment, Meg.

      Actually, the definition of a hypocrite is someone who say one thing then does the opposite. If Chrissy said she didn’t like lavish kids’ parties, and then turned around to throw one for her daughter – that would be hypocritical. Merely attending a party and saying you don’t like them and believe them to be mostly for the parents’s sake is having an opinion, which is apparently a controversial topic these days – despite the First Amendment being the right to free speech. She isn’t mom-shaming in this case – did she call them disgusting or vile? I don’t think so. – she’s merely expressing her personal thoughts and feelings on the topic.

      I agree with Chrissy, personally – I think the parents are trying to make up for what they didn’t have as a kid in a lot of cases, or maybe they get caught up in the competitive atmosphere like life is a reality show of sorts. You may be right, that a two year old screamed about needing a mini amusement park at their birthday party (there’s a reason age two has been dubbed “the terrible twos”), but there’s also a fair chance that you’re wrong. There’s a fair chance that the lavish parties are for the pride of the parents so they can one-up each other. Competition is a part of human nature and is undoubtedly unavoidable, but I personally believe it should be a little more controlled in the case of children’s parties. It’s for the kids, parents – please try to remember that if you’re going all out while your kid is dropping hints about a low-key family barbeque. Also, Meg? Please try to remember your own argument – you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, hm? You also don’t know what experiences have shaped another person, so please keep that in mind before you jump to conclusions.

  • I am with Chrissy 100%….
    We people throw these EXTREME parties
    it is FOR THEM..They are living vicariously
    through their children. YOUNG child are quite simple and easy to entertain. Keep it simple an intimate so they learn and appreciate aging. SAME for the sixteen year parties. OUTLANDISH. .What do these children have to look forward to when they become adults. Let the child live, play,
    use their creativity and imagination. .
    They are only children once, let them enjoy all the nuances of being a child💕

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