On September 26, model and host Chrissy Teigen was going to pick her daughter, Luna, up from school.

Due to traffic, the mom explained on Twitter that she was approximately one minute late getting her child from school.

And while at first, Teigen thought Luna was going to be okay with her slight tardiness, like most children, Luna took this opportunity to both judge and shame her mother.

Teigen wrote:

I was *1* minute late picking luna up from school. she was all sweet in her classroom then as soon as we were alone, I buckled her in she said “so why? why were you late?”

She later shared a video of the traffic that was caused by a motorcade of some sort that forced her to be late:

The tweet inevitably received over 15,000 retweets, a feat the shocked Teigen.

It also solicited more stories from parents who were once late picking up their children and the responses they received as a result:

My 20-year-old remembers the time I was 10 minutes late picking her up from middle school and it was raining and we missed each other and she walked home. The trauma of not having a cell phone in 8th grade and having to think of your options!

I did that and my daughter just deadpan said, “well that was upsetting.”

My kid’s preschool teacher told me yesterday that as soon as 5 pm rolls around, my kid announces “my mommy is coming to get me in 15 minutes.” And then when I don’t show up he tells everyone I will be a little longer and SIGHS loudly. Jesus Christ, kid, way to twist the knife.

I picked my brother up a little late from karate today and in the lobby of the place he said “so why didn’t you pick me up?” Like damn you’re just gonna put me on blast in front of God and everybody?

Oh I was 1 min “late” picking up my daughter from karate which is at her school after hours btw – because I was talking to the office staff about $ – my daughter was bawling and being held by her teacher.

Yikes. Have you ever been late getting your kids? And how did they react?

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