Model Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to being mom-shammed by her followers on her public Instagram account.

However, now that shamming has moved over to her husband, singer John Legend’s, account.

A few days ago, while Legend was filming for NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ the dad of two posted a photo of his wife, mother-in-law, and two children hanging out backstage.

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Wild scene backstage at @nbcthevoice

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The picture showed his 2-year-old daughter Luna and his mother-in-law snuggling on the couch while Teigen bottle fed their son, 5-month-old Miles.

And that’s where the shamming began. One commenter questioned:

You no longer breastfeed?

To which Teigen responded back by slyly quipping:

John never breastfed Miles

Although the comment was meant to be a joke, many people rallied behind the model, questioning why some people are still shaming mothers for bottle-feeding their children:

The point is though that it’s not a question she should ask because it’s not her business. Not being mean or anything but that’s just how most people look at it. You don’t ask a mama stuff like that when you don’t know them.

Some commenters also pointed out that it’s unclear if there is actually breastmilk in the bottle rather than formula:

How do you assume that maybe she pumped if not who cares..

How do you know she didn’t pump and that’s what’s in the bottle? It doesn’t matter either way, but you people are all so quick to judge! Breastmilk or formula, as long as the baby is fed and happy, who cares!

Someone really came down on you because you are cuddling and hugging your child as you feed him his bottle? Unbelievable. Look at the love in this picture. Never ceases to amaze.

Never breastfed any of my 3 kids because I COULDN’T!!!! Does that make me less of a mother?!?

She is feeding her baby. And fed is best. That is the only thing that matters.

Despite clapping back at the naysayers, Teigen wasn’t super pleased with her husband posting the picture without her permission in the first place. She said, “You need to ask for photo approval you MONSTER.”

To which John said he did ask for permission, Luna’s permission, “I asked Luna. She said print it!”

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