Chrissy Teigen was body-shamed on Twitter after posting a video of her and her husband on a boat while she was showing cleavage.

Teigen was wearing a black bathing suit top with a white button down over it, unbuttoned. 

Some Twitter users commented on Teigen’s choice to not cover her boobs.

One fan said:

Chrissy looks like she’s in charge of the flotation devices! Womp Womp…

Others let gifs do all the talking.

The mom of two decided to defend her choices and replied to the shamers.

Teigen wrote:

I am a nursing mother don’t shame me I couldn’t close my shirt I’m just trying to do my job.

After she defended herself, moms on Twitter praised her for it.

One wrote:

I literally thought, “Oh yes, breastfeeding mom life.” We’re all in this together! Keep it up, you’re doing a great job!! #MomLife

Another mom going through the breastfeeding stage loved Teigen’s candidness.

She wrote:

I’m over here adjusting my breast pads in front of an open window as we speak. I wish someone would.  

Teigen gave birth to her youngest child, Miles, in May.

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