Chip Gaines is making a plea to his fans; please be kind of one another.

On his and Joanna Gaines’ website “Magnolia,” Chip wrote a blog post titled, “We Believe in Human Kindness.” He began by saying, he’s been “thinking a lot about kindness lately.”

He explained:

I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately, about where it starts and what keeps it moving from one person to the next. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for a lot of people in our country, and I can’t help but wonder, how did we get here?

It’s unclear exactly what Chip was referring to, but it can be assumed that the former HGTV star was talking about the recent mass shootings that took place in El Paso, Texas and in Dayton, Ohio.

Chip wrote that he believes that all people are “made in likeness,” and because of that, people’s “hearts are naturally drawn toward one another.” Nonetheless, Chip makes an important point:

…The thing about kindness is, it’s a choice. It’s something that we should give freely with the hopeful expectation that it might one day be given freely to us.

He continued:

And I’m not necessarily talking about kindness that takes shape as grand gestures, or niceties that are offered up on special occasions. I’m talking more in the day-to-day, in kindness that abounds in equal measure for a loved one as it does a stranger on the street. The way I see it, how we choose to interact with our neighbors, our coworkers, the people online, the check-out clerk at the grocery store, and even the person who mindlessly cuts us off in traffic has a profound effect on how others will choose to interact with us.

Because as Chip writes, he believes kindness is contagious.

Chip then talked about the “Magnolia Manifesto” that they came up with when building their Magnolia empire. He said the manifesto acts as their lighthouse, and one of the lines of the manifesto has been ringing in his ears most recently.

The line reads, “We believe in human kindness, knowing we are made better when we work together.”

Chip said that it then dawned on him that there is “no better time than now for our company to act on the things that we stand for.” That’s when he shared a series of downloadable flyers that encourage various types of acts of kindness.

In short, the flyers act as a “To-do list” of sorts. Each flyer contains eight tabs, and each tab suggests an act of kindness. Once you complete that act, you can rip the tab off and move on with your day.

Chip encouraged his followers to print off the flyers and post them around their towns, their schools, offices, and more. He then created the hashtag, “makeKINDNESSloud” for people to use on social media.

The father of five concluded, “Kindness is contagious, but the spark has to start somewhere. Why don’t we start here? And why don’t we start now?”

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7 Replies to “Chip Gaines Asks Fans to Be Kind and Spread Kindness Following a ‘Tough Couple of Weeks’”

  • GLORIA 1 year ago


  • GLORIA 1 year ago


  • Linda Halstead 1 year ago

    You are so right people have gotten away from the word which tells us to love one another forgive one another help those that can’t help themselves the golden rule and Ten Commandments have been taken down out of sight and people have grown up not knowing these things they are into me me me it’s sad because joy comes from being a blessing to others with the love of God

  • Carol Holt 1 year ago

    God bless you. I think that the Lord puts things on our hearts and its up to us to act on them. I too have had kindness and forgiveness nudging my spirit. I realized that kindness is much deeper than I realized. For me, I was impressed to not just forgive those who trespass against me, but to extend kindness beyond anything they could imagine. Heeping lumps of coal sounds so cruel, but when this was scripted it was to give warmth and comfort. So, beyond my discomfort in being kind to those who have wronged me, I can give them comfort and peace through my Lord and Savior. I may grind my teeth a bit, but I reach out to them, hug them, offer them every kindness that I can. I’m feisty Irish as my Grandmother used to say. If I can do it anyone can. Kindness will open many doors.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    We should all practice kindness! One person at a time ???❣Thanks Chip for bringing it to the forefront.

  • Carol Castro 1 year ago

    We should all practice kindness! One person at a time ???❣Thanks Chip for bringing it to the forefront.

  • Mary 1 year ago

    Thank you for your message on kindness! Wonderful thoughts?

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