The youngest of the Gaines family is already on his feet.

On June 22, Crew Gaines turned 1-year-old. And his family celebrated their bundle of joy with an adorable sailboat-themed birthday party, put together by his mom, HGTV star Joanna Gaines.

Now, a little less than a month after celebrating his first birthday, Crew is hitting yet another milestone.

That’s right, baby Crew is on his feet and on the move.

According to his dad, Chip Gaines, Crew took his first steps while roaming the fields of their family farm in Waco, Texas.

Chip wrote on Instagram:

Little crew took his 1st steps today.. It was a good day!

And while their fans were so happy for Crew, many couldn’t help but comment on the obvious joy seen in Chip’s facial expression.

Some said:

The joy in your face is the best!! It truly says it all!

Look at the JOY on your face!! Way to go Crew!

While others wrote:

That’s awesome!! One of those moments you always remember.

Enjoy this special moment.

Uh oh, he’s mobile now!! That’s a whole new challenge!

Why do they have to grow up so fast????

Shortly after celebrating Crew’s birthday, Joanna took to her Magnolia blog to talk about how she feels about her youngest being a year old already.

The mom of five wrote:

I can’t believe it. I am finally getting around to working on his birth announcement. It has been on my to-do list for a year now, but on the bright side, I only need to print one copy now…for his baby book! I don’t even know where time went—that seemed like the fastest and best year of our lives. We had so much fun celebrating his first birthday at the farm and my favorite part was when he dove face first into his cake! This little boy is so joyful and so curious and is keeping us on our toes, and it has been so amazing to see him with his brothers and sisters.

Joanna concluded, “The addition of Crew to our family has been the greatest gift.”

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