Just one month after their fifth child learned to walk, the Gaines family added yet another member to their still-growing family.

When it comes to raising a child, parents are constantly being met with daunting tasks, like when their kid officially learns to walk on their own and all the adorable challenges that come with having a kid on the go.

However, being the veteran parents that they are, Chip and Joanna Gaines didn’t shutter at what it meant when baby Crew took his first steps.

Instead, Chip surprised Joanna and their family with an adorable puppy.

Joanna took to Instagram to share the news.

The mom of five wrote that the newest member of their family is an Engish Mastiff. She then joked that they now have more dogs than they do kids:

Chip told me he hadn’t surprised us in a while with a new animal and that it was long overdue… we now have more dogs than children

And as Joanna’s pictures show, their new furbaby and baby Crew were fast friends.

The couple’s fans truly couldn’t handle the cuteness:

Oh my, you can never have too many dogs.

This is the absolute cutest!!!

Yay!! So so so adorable.

Look at them toddling together in the last shot!

I need someone to surprise me in this way.

As Dearly previously reported, Crew not only learned to walk this summer, but he also celebrated his first birthday.

Joanna wrote on her Magnolia blog that she doesn’t “even know where time went” calling the first year of Crew’s life “the fastest and best year of our lives”:

We had so much fun celebrating his first birthday at the farm and my favorite part was when he dove face first into his cake! This little boy is so joyful and so curious and is keeping us on our toes, and it has been so amazing to see him with his brothers and sisters.

And now, his puppy.

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