A South Carolina fifth grader succumbed to her injuries following a fight that broke out in a classroom of her elementary school.

According to ABC News 4, RaNiya Wright died on March 27 after a fight at her school that took place on Monday, March 25.

The 10-year-old was airlifted to the Medical University of South Carolina from Forest Hills Elementary School after suffering serious injuries as a result of the brawl. At the time, she had been unconscious.

Wright’s family confirmed her passing on a GoFundMe page set up to help support her mother, Ashley Wright, with medical bills and funeral expenses.

The latest update on the GoFundMe thanked everyone who has offered a donation and prayers to Ashley during this difficult time:

…The mother will speak to everyone when she is ready. I would like to thank everyone that is donating and sending prayers and kind words, she is hearing them all.

Authorities have not yet released specifics regarding the fight or the specific injuries Wright sustained.

However, another student involved in the fight was suspended indefinitely from the elementary school, ABC News 4 reports.


Prior to deactivating its Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon, the school district wrote this statement:

We are devastated by this news, and we want our communities to keep their thoughts and prayers with the student’s family at this time.

Another statement issued by spokesperson Sean Gruber on behalf of superintendent Dr. Franklin Foster following Wright’s passing read, in part:

“Raniya was a wonderful student. She loved to write, spend time with her friends, play basketball and loved being a big sister. She was actively involved in her church as a junior usher. She will be missed greatly by her family, friends, and the entire school community.”

According to ABC News 4, this isn’t the first issue Wright’s parents have had with the school district. Prior to the 10-year-old’s passing, the family settled a civil lawsuit with the school after a bus accident that left Wright with “minor injuries.

The investigation into the fight and what caused Wright’s death is still ongoing.

A special education teacher at the school, who wished to remain anonymous, told WCSC that she doesn’t believe “their children are safe,” adding the fight that claimed Wright’s life isn’t the first time she saw violence in the school.

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12 Replies to “Teacher Says She Doesn’t Believe ‘Their Children Are Safe’ After Violent Fight Ends in 10-Year-Old’s Death”

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    The school needs to close if they can’t protect every child

  • William 11 months ago

    Kidsd get in fights I did. It is up to teachers to monitor the students and break them up before they go to far. If they don’t it may be the kids fault for starting the fight but it is the eachers for either preventing it or stopping it before it goes too far.

    • Lillie Riddick 11 months ago

      That’s true, I always told my kids your in school for one reason to learn, if someone is talking junk let them because money talks bullshit walks, as long as they dont touch you, if they put their hands on you then you have the right to defend yourself,

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      It is illegal for teachers to lay hands on students, even to break up fights.

      • Anonymous 11 months ago

        Also when you buzz for admin sometimes they never answer or come.

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      what other profession has to break up fights on their job…

      • Anonymous 11 months ago

        Health care professionals.

  • Charlene Kail 11 months ago

    How long did the fight take?
    Why was there no intervention to stop it before it became deadly?
    What actions are being taken to see it does not happen again?
    What has happened to the child that was suspended?
    Will there be any charges pressed against the child or the school?

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      it is illegal for teachers to lay hands on students even to break up fights

    • Grace 11 months ago

      I heard that there was a sub in the class and the sub left the room for more than 30.mins. Which is when and how two girls were able to choke this baby till she was unconcious and then bashed her head repeatedly into the concrete floor. So yeah I would say the school and the kids/ murders, are 100% liable for all that happened and the family should sue the crazzy out of all..It wont bring their baby back but maybe it will cause more strict rules, guidelines for teachers/Subs staying in the classroom. Hopefully this will bring about some LONG over due change to this and many other schools and prevent more Ignorance of this kind, from staff and kids ending in this kind of tragedy!!!

  • Amanda Franks 11 months ago

    I wanna know about the injuries. Did the child go after her w/ deadly force or a weapon? Or did something accidental happen during the fight? There should B consequences regardless but what kind of consequences depends on the details.

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Teacher Says She Doesn’t Believe ‘Their Children Are Safe’ After Violent Fight Ends in 10-Year-Old’s Death

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