Since 1990, there have been 793 child deaths caused by vehicular heat stroke, according to Since 1998, there has been an average of 37 deaths per year, which averages to one every nine days.

Despite numerous public service announcements and safety warnings, too many helpless children are dying. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death among children, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

However, earlier this year, one 10-year-old pinpointed this problem and created a solution to try to prevent it. Texas schoolboy Bishop Curry V has always had an “intense curiosity,” according to his mother, Tia Curry, who spoke to Dearly about her family.

Tia Curry

Bishop’s father, Bishop Curry IV, set up a GoFundMe page to help garner support for his son’s lifesaving device. He describes his son:

Bishop is a 5th grader who is fascinated with making things.

When she spoke with Dearly, Tia mentioned some of the devices Bishop has tinkered with in the past:

“He and his brother love taking things apart and repurposing junk. They have built catapults and garden plows. They are also in charge of putting together their baby sister’s toys.”

His father continued in the GoFundMe description, saying:

[Bishop’s] latest idea is getting more attention — a car seat that can help prevent hot car deaths in children. […] We live in Texas where hot car deaths are far too common. Bishop already has a provisional patent and a 3D model of his invention.

Bishop told Dearly his inspiration for the lifesaving device:

“A baby died real close to our house. Baby Fern was about the age of my sister. I really wanted to help.”

And he did. His device addresses both the heat and the harried parent:

“It helps by sensing a baby that has been left in a car. It first alerts the parents and then authorities. If it’s hot, the device will start to cool the car.”

Bishop’s GoFundMe page has been wildly successful, with him raising nearly $30,000 in just five months.

Tia Curry

He said:

“I raised the minimum amount real quick. That was a surprise! Now I have to start raising and saving money for manufacturing.”

But the hard work doesn’t stop for Bishop:

“My brother and I started a company called KidLadder to help other kids with their ideas. We are also learning to mow lawns so I can raise money for manufacturing. My lawyers are finalizing the patent now.”

He’s hoping it will be in stores by 2018.

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