Scott Piwinski is beloved by his family and friends — so much so that they banded together to help his children grant his final wish.

As ABC 15 reports, Scott has terminal throat cancer, and instead of spending in his last days in a hospice bed, he wanted to spend it at home.

His quadruplets, Nick, Danielle, Rachael, and Sarah Piwinski, vowed to make that wish come true for their beloved father.

Nick told ABC 15 just how much his father means to him:

“My dad. He means everything to me.”

Danielle added that it is her siblings she is grateful for during this trying time:

“It definitely has been a struggle. I’m grateful for my siblings.”

Rachael said this one thing is so huge to them:

“For him to come home one last time and spend it with us — for hours, days or weeks — is going to be incredible.”

However,  Danielle said Scott’s home was in no shape for him to return:

“The entire house was not in any shape for him to come home to.”

Having to fight cancer for the last two years prevented him from being able to fix the necessary things.

So in an effort to get their dad home, the siblings asked his former Coast Guard family as well as the community for help.

Their request was quickly answered.

Melissia Delgado, Scott’s neighbor, said she was more than happy to help. She said he was always willing to lend a helping hand when he could:

“When we first moved into our Palm Harbor home, Scott had just been diagnosed with cancer. He had a trach in his throat and he was outside offering to help us move furniture into our house! Which was amazing.”

Carissa Konopack donated an entire Thanksgiving meal to the family without even knowing them personally:

“It just touched me so deeply and I really felt like I wanted to help too.”

The siblings’ original plan was to spend Thanksgiving at home with their dad, but after it didn’t work out, they still spent it with their dad at the Suncoast Hospice.

Danielle said being together is all that matters:

“That means the most to us, that we’re all together.”

Even though the original plan changed, the siblings still plan to have their dad moved home soon.

Watch the video below:

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