Local authorities and the Child Rescue Coalition are asking parents to stop using certain hashtags when posting photos of their children on social media.

According to Carly Yoost, the CEO of the Child Rescue Coalition, they have discovered that many child predators are actively searching specific hashtags on social media in order to find photos for their stash.

As WGRZ reports, the Child Rescue Coalition has just recently launched the Kids For Privacy campaign. The goal of the campaign is:

“To get parents to stop posting photos that overexpose children under those hashtags.”

The hashtags to refrain from using are:


Yoost explained to WGRZ:

“There could be total strangers searching for these hashtags that on purpose looking for children that are depicted in the nude.”

With the help of authorities, the Child Rescue Coalition is tracking millions of pedophiles — all of whom are searching for those keywords on a daily basis.

Yoost said some pedophiles don’t just stop at the first pictures they see, they can sometimes begin stalking the children:

“It is an easy way for them to gain access to children. These bath time images, which in the wrong eyes could be viewed in a very sexual way, it would technically be legal for them to possess.

We have had investigators who have seen, where they are stalking a child that they’ve seen through social media platforms.”

In order to gain exposure for the Kids For Privacy campaign, Yoost is asking those with social media accounts to post a picture of themselves on social media with a sign that reads “Privacy please” along with the key words pedophiles are searching.

Yoost told WGRZ that the goal is to take the power out of the hands of the pedophiles by “flooding these hashtags that are over exposing children.”

WGRZ reports that authorities are suggesting that parents should make sure their accounts are set to private.

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