Mom Sherry Foster has a warning for parents whose children own a pair of light up Skechers.

On June 26, Foster took to Facebook to share that her son Peyton is healing after sustaining second-degree burns, allegedly from the light up sneakers he was wearing on his last day of third grade.

According to Cafe Mom, Peyton’s school was having a “water day” to celebrate the last day of school. The water allegedly caused the battery inside the shoes to release a chemical that burned the bottom of Peyton’s feet.

Foster wrote:

Peyton has 2nd degree chemical burns from his sketcher lightable shoes. Apparently when they get wet the batteries release a chemical causing children’s feet to burn. THANK You, Dr. Jordon for taking the time to see and treat him in your booked solid day! Greatly appreciated!

Foster told Cafe Mom that the burns occurred even though he was wearing socks. 

Peyton first alerted his mom that his feet hurt that night:

“I looked; they were red but I thought they were just cold. The next day, he came in from being out doors saying his feet were really burning, I looked again and they were twice as red, blistered, and very painful.” 

Peyton’s doctor told Foster to take him to a foot specialist. After they were asked a series of questions, they realized it was Peyton’s Skecher S-Lights that may have caused the injury.

It was during that time that they realized the lights on his shoes were no longer working. According to Foster, the specialist had seen this happen once before.

Foster said:

“I was not warned or had any idea that this could happen I mean they are shoes made for kids — although it does make sense now. My son is a trooper. He is tough as tough gets being it was the first day of summer vacation and he has to have his feet wrapped and is unable to play with his friends or brothers.”

She added:

“If parents buy these, I recommend they do not get them wet or jump in puddles. I know kids love them because of the cool lights but be careful.”

Cafe Mom reached out to Skechers for comment. A spokesperson for the shoe company said:

Skechers footwear products are rigorously tested for safety. Skechers, a family brand, has sold millions of pairs of children’s lighted footwear worldwide and has not had one incident of chemical burns reported. Notwithstanding, when Ms. Foster’s Facebook post was brought to our attention Friday, June 29, we immediately contacted her, inquired about her son, and asked her to send us the shoes so we can determine whether the shoes contributed to her son’s injuries. Ms. Foster has agreed to send us the shoes, and we will continue our investigation. Despite the lack of any other similar reported incidents, we are taking this complaint very seriously and giving it the highest priority.

Foster’s post has since been shared over 500,000 times.

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