In 2010, a Texas family laid World War II veteran Robert McMinn to rest after he lost his fight with Parkinson’s disease.

The mausoleum in which the man was supposed to be placed wasn’t finished when he died, so he was put in a temporary one at the Woodlands funeral home cemetery.

But two months after burying their father, the family received a disturbing call about his body.

As ABC13 reports, the family learned that the man who served his country by taking part in over 30 bombing missions above Germany was now dripping out of his casket.

The family had initially chosen the cemetery because the company sold itself using the word “dignity” in its brochures.

This was anything but dignified. McMinn’s son, Doug, said:

“It’s unthinkable to me that a man, like my father, would go through that.”

An expert from the National Funeral Directors Association explained to ABC13 that it is possible for a body to liquefy inside a mausoleum. The expert said it is rare, but poor embalming and the cause of death can lead to this happening.

Doug was shocked that this had happened to his father at his final resting place:

“I understand that bodies are going to degrade, but I don’t expect to hear a call back from this place, that sells dignity, about how he’s dripping out of his casket.”

To make matters worse, the cemetery wanted the family to cover the costs to clean up the mess McMinn’s remains caused when they poured out of his coffin.

As a result, the family filed a million dollar lawsuit. In it, they lay out the demands they say the cemetery held them accountable for:

Plaintiffs were responsible for purchasing a new casket, tenting the entirety of the crypt, and for the quarantine measures implemented for the process of transferring Robert’s now liquefied remains to another crypt.

McMinn still remains in the mausoleum; the family is deciding if they will move him to another location when his wife dies.

The plan was to have McMinn and his wife placed head to head together in mausoleum after her death. Doug said:

“It’s kind of a nice thought to think that they’ll be there together. They were married 60 years. That was a wonderful notion, but it all falls apart when you lose confidence in the integrity of the people that are providing the services.”

As for the funeral home, a spokesperson sent ABC7 the following statement: “Due to pending litigation and out of respect for the family, we are unable to share any details on this matter.”

Watch Doug explain his disgust with the treatment of his father below, via ABC13:

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