Valentine’s Day can be a lot to handle if you’re single.

But even though Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday, I still try to celebrate and enjoy it the best I can, even though I don’t have the man of my dreams planning the most romantic date for us.

So, I decided that in solidarity with all my fellow single people out there, that I would share five of the ways I celebrate Valentine’s day even though I’m not in love.

Make It a Day of Reflection:

It’s easy to feel very alone on Valentine’s Day when you’re single and because of that, I make it a point not to dwell on that fact, but rather dwell on all the amazing things I’ve been able to do on my own.

Because Valentine’s Day is only 44 days into the New Year, use it to check in with yourself. Reflect on all the things you have done and evaluate if you are still on the right track when it comes to fulfilling the goals you have set for yourself.

Are you sticking to your resolutions? Is there a new goal you want to set? A new dream you want to make a reality? If so, use Valentine’s Day to realign yourself with those aspirations and get working on them.

Appreciate Your Independence:

Instead of dwelling over the fact that you’re single, praise yourself for getting this far on your own.

Take a step back, think about all the wins you have had over the years as a strong, independent person, and allow yourself to feel good about those things.

Also, take this time to do the things you might not be able to do if you ever do find yourself in a serious relationship. Fall in love with some of your passions again and revel in the fact that, right now, your only concern is yourself.

Use this time of independence to become the best version yourself, so that when you do fall in love, you can use that time to grow and mold your relationship.

Pamper Yourself:

Just because you don’t have anyone taking you out to eat, buying you flowers or nice gifts, it doesn’t mean you can’t do that stuff for yourself.

Grab another single friend and go out to your favorite restaurant or order in your favorite meal. Head over to your local florist and make yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers and finally, buy that necklace you’ve been dying to get.

You don’t have to be in love to do the things that are going to make you the happiest, whatever that is.

Celebrate Those You Love the Most:

You don’t have to be “in love” to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Take a look at all of those people around you who love you, support you, and want to see you succeed and soak it all in.

Being single doesn’t mean your life is without love, and what better day than Valentine’s Day to let yourself feel just how many people in your life want what is best for you.

Take a Minute to Let Those People Know You Love Them Too:

This one explains itself. Use Valentine’s Day as a time to let the ones you care about the most know just how much love you have for them.

Love, regardless of the kind, is a beautiful thing and something that should never be taken for granted.

So instead of hating Valentine’s Day because you’re not “in love,” use the day to let yourself feel grateful for all that you do have because love of any kind is never guaranteed.

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