Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Danielle Bregoli is best known as the 14-year-old internet sensation who made the phrase “cash me outside” famous.

The teen was introduced to the world when her mother brought her on “Dr. Phil,” claiming that her behavior had gotten out of control.

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Barbara Bregoli said that her daughter had been arrested for marijuana possession and grand theft auto, among other crimes.

And soon enough, Danielle uttered her famous catchphrase, “cash me ousside, how ’bout dah.”

But the episode didn’t go in-depth about what may be one of the biggest causes of Danielle’s bad behavior — the strained relationship she has with her estranged father, Ira Peskowitz.

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Her father admitted in a recent interview that he didn’t stick around to raise Danielle because she was “not planned” and because he didn’t get along with her mother.

When he got in contact with her as a teen, he said that Danielle “yelled” at him for not raising her. He said in the interview:

“She started yelling and screaming at me, saying how I abandoned her, how I left her.”

The two later met up in person, but they still aren’t close. And Danielle’s newfound fame certainly hasn’t helped.

According to TMZ, her father has filed documents claiming that Barbara is “exploiting” Danielle for fame and encouraging her “bad behavior.”

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He also claimed that the teen’s internet fame “is fueling a downward spiral of dangerously inappropriate, antisocial and possibly criminal behavior.”

As a result, he has filed documents in Palm Beach County, Florida, stating that he should no longer have to pay $1,100 in monthly child support because the famous 14-year-old can support herself, according to TMZ.

It’s no secret that Danielle has been making big bucks on sponsorship deals, thanks to her popularity on social media. According to Life & Style, she now has a net worth around $200,000.

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But regardless of how much she makes, the teen is slamming her father for his attempt to end his child support payments. She told TMZ:

“I never heard from my father until I got famous. Believe what y’all want but it’s all bullsh*t and I’m doing great. He just wants money.”

It doesn’t appear Danielle and her father are planning on rekindling their relationship anytime soon. But thanks to her viral fame, it seems the 14-year-old will get by just fine without her “absent” father anyway.

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