The lyrics of a song can easily be interpreted many different ways, but when it comes to Danielle Bregoli’s latest rap, the message seems pretty clear.

You may remember Bregoli as the “Cash Me Outside” girl from “The Dr. Phil Show.” Following her two stints on the show, Bregoli’s catchphrase and her wild behavior shot her into fame.


The 14-year-old now has more than 11 million Instagram followers and has been working toward a career as a rapper.

So far, Bregoli — who goes by the stage name Bhad Bhabie — has released four singles. The lyrics of her latest single, “Mama Don’t Worry (Still Ain’t Dirty),” has left many with questions.

The most telling part of the rap is the first verse:

Eleven years old I was sitting on the block
Yeah, my family had a little so I hid it in my sock
Sold them pills like they was Skittles, yeah, I always made a lot
I was always dodging 12, putting work in off the clock
Almost got cuffed, it was too much, it was a lot of drama
It was the streets that raising me, had to be dad and mama
I was young, head strong, wasn’t letting up
Disrespectful my demeanor, didn’t know who to trust.

The rap continues:

Now my mama straight, I ain’t gotta push no weight
I came from the dirt, now I’m living great
Said I won’t gone make it, look how hard they hated
Never had enough and now the bank, we break it.

The teen’s lyrics seem to leave little room for any interpretations.

Bregoli is seemingly admitting that while living in her native Florida, she sold pills to make money because she and her mom were dirt poor. However, now that she’s rich and famous, she doesn’t have to do that stuff anymore — so she is moving on with her life and trying to pursue a career like anyone else.


The second verse even mentions Dr. Phil and the show that shot her into fame:

Escaped the belly of the beast without a stain on me
Ready for fighting and my fist has got that ring on it
Boynton Beach out to the hills, how far I came from it
Now the whole world sneaking pictures for the fame of it
Reckless on that show, man that’s old news
120 on that ranch, on my own two
I did that crime, I beat that case, kept paying my dues
I did my time, I made them wait, and now I can’t lose.

Could these lyrics mean that Bregoli is now ready to move away from being the “Cash Me Outside” girl and is looking forward toward starting anew? What do you think?

Bregoli has recently signed a contract with Atlantic Records, meaning this won’t be the last song you’ll hear from Bhad Bhabie.

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