Radio star Casey Kasem rose to fame as the host of the “American Top 40” franchise, which skyrocketed to popularity in the 1970s. He was also well known for his voice acting in popular televisions shows like “Scooby-Doo,” as Shaggy, and “Sesame Street.”

The radio host married his first wife, Linda Myers, in 1972. The couple shared three children together, Mike, Julie, and Kerri Kasem. They divorced in 1979, and Casey married blonde bombshell, Jean Thompson.

Casey and Jean would later go on to have a child together, Liberty Jean Kasem. But little did he know that the families would feud decades later.


According to People, Casey was diagnosed with advanced Parkinson’s disease in 2007. He would later be diagnosed with dementia, which made it difficult for him to speak.

His illness sparked contention between Jean and her step-children.

Toward the end of Casey’s life, his children claimed that Jean abused their radio star father and moved him into different medical facilities in order to make it difficult for them to visit him.


Jean was also caught on video throwing raw meat at one of her stepdaughters, shouting that it was going “to the dogs.”

Casey died in 2014 amid the chaos, seven years after his diagnosis.

The three children filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jean in 2015, alleging that the elder abuse and emotional distress she inflicted upon him advanced his illness, according to Yahoo Celebrity.

Now Jean is firing back at Casey’s three children with a lawsuit of her own.


The actress, who was married to Casey for 35 years, claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit that his three adult children took control of Casey’s medical care in order to quicken his death and gain control of his $80 million estate, reported Yahoo Celebrity.

The wrongful death lawsuit claims that his children “chemically restrained him, and ordered hospital staff to withdraw food and water.” The actress said:

“The truth about my husband’s homicide is so disturbing to confront but I am compelled to seek justice. After an exhaustive forensic investigation following Casey’s death and autopsy, there was no other choice but to bring this lawsuit.

The facts unambiguously point to defendants’ deceit, self-dealing and fraud, which demand to be exposed. I have taken this action for my daughter Liberty and for my husband of 35 years, as I’m certain Casey would have done the same for me.”


She also referred to the children’s behavior as “predatory and abusive.” But Casey’s three adult children have since spoken out against the lawsuit.

Kerri Kasem told People that her step-mother was spreading lies. She said:

“If you look at the court records, it counters every single thing that she’s putting out there. She’s just putting out false information.

He was dying because of her actions and would have still lived a year or two. We all did everything we could to save him. For her to say we unplugged him is disgusting and evil.”

Jean also claimed that Casey’s children prevented her and Liberty from seeing Casey to say goodbye, which Kerri told People was “an absolute, atrocious lie.”

The children’s lawyer, Troy Martin, said that Jean’s lawsuit is an effort to delay the original lawsuit from moving forward.

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