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Carrie Underwood Celebrates Being a ‘Soccer Mom’ With a Selfie. Now Moms Are Calling Her Out

Carrie Underwood Instagram

Country music star Carrie Underwood proudly announced that she’s officially a soccer mom.

The 35-year-old posted an Instagram photo of herself with an updo, full face of makeup, and a fuzzy sweater from her collection CALIA by Carrie— but to some moms, her selfie stood out like a sore thumb.

Underwood’s son Isaiah had a game on Saturday and the superstar showed lots of love for her 3-year-old who scored two goals for his team.

The singer wrote:

Officially a soccer mom this morning! It’s chilly out but I’m staying warm rocking some @caliabycarrie …the kids played a good game! Isaiah scored two goals for his team…and one for the other team. Hey, a goal’s a goal!

However, her sweet support for Isaiah came with lots of criticism. One commenter accused the pregnant musician of stealing her son’s thunder:

Most moms would celebrate by taking a pic of their kid….

In this case, fans vehemently backed up the singer, explaining that she rarely puts her kids in social media.

Others, however, pointed out that Underwood’s beauty regime for the sports-filled day is atypical for the traditional soccer mom. Fans quickly took to Facebook and Instagram to react to her post:

Show up like most other soccer mom’s, messy hair don’t care, no makeup and a coffee mug in hand. We don’t need those intimidating good looks distracting us.

She’s beautiful but I did not have anytime when my kids were playing soccer to do my makeup lol. We were either always running late or if we were on time it’s because I always knew one of them forgot something.

That is so not what I look like when I go to my kid’s soccer game! Good for you, girl!

It definitely may be strange for the average mom to look “so gorgeous” and glam accompanying their kid to their soccer game, but some mothers defended Underwood’s appearance. Some wrote:

Jess Lilly Wow, all of you women would really hate me. I wear makeup just to bring my kids to the bus stop in the morning. I think she looks great. If she chooses to wear makeup, that’s her choice. Some women like to look put together when they leave the house.

Give her a break. She’s a new soccer mom. One day she’ll lose the makeup like us veterans. Lol

Perhaps her look is all part of being a celebrity.

What do think about Carrie Underwood calling herself a soccer mom?

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