Carrie Underwood might be on tour sharing her latest album with the world, but her first job will always be mom.

As of January of this year, Underwood and her husband, former pro hockey player Mike Fisher, are the proud parents of two little boys, 4-year-old Isaiah Michael, and 6-month-old Jacob Bryan.

Because Fisher is retired, the family of four has been able to travel all over the United States with Underwood as she completes 30-show tour this summer.

Since being on tour, Underwood has shared many photos from the 15 shows she has already completed, but her most recent photo is one that fans don’t get to see very often.

Both Underwood and Fisher have spent the last four years keeping Isaiah’s — and now Jacob’s — life private. However, every so often, the parents choose to share a rare photo of their children.

Just before her show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Underwood’s oldest son Isaiah helped his mom with her soundcheck.

Underwood shared a photo of the moment and wrote:

Had some extra special help with sound check today, so tonight’s show is bound to sound amazing!!!

And many were left wondering if Isaiah was going to take after his mom or his dad when he’s older:

OMG, the sweetest!! He’s going to take after mommy!!!

This is the best

This is the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen

Well if this isn’t the cutest EVER

So sweet! Hope Isaiah is enjoying road life with Mom and Dad.

As Dearly previously reported, the parents also gave fans a little sneak peek into their family life in Underwood’s newest music video for her latest single “South Bound.”

Tour with family
Carrie Underwood/YouTube

And it seems like Isaiah is thoroughly enjoying his time on the road with his family, watching his mom do what she does best.

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