Carrie Underwood is letting moms know it’s okay to cry.

Underwood talked to People about how she’s raising her youngest son, Jacob Bryan, whom she birthed in January, in comparison to her 4-year-old son Isaiah Michael.

Although most say that moms tend to be more relaxed the second time around, Underwood sings a different note.

For example, the country star said:

“It might be because Isaiah makes him feel so much smaller, but I think I baby Jacob more. I’m like, ‘Oh no he can’t sit up in that thing,’ and it’s stuff that we had Isaiah doing already. I feel like I need to treat him a little more like I did Isaiah.”

Underwood also added that she and her husband Mike Fisher are working on making life on the road more home-like.

As the mom of two tours over 55 cities with her family by her side, she and Fisher are putting their children first.

She said they’re even making room for creativity at each venue.

Underwood explained:

“We have this area where Isaiah can go and color or there are toys in there or he can read and paint, whatever he’s feeling. He’s a pretty creative kid so we try to give him space to do that.”

Furthermore, they’ve given up staying in hotel rooms.

The singer said:

“We’ve kind of gotten out of hotel rooms because for Isaiah, it’s hard for a 4-year-old who’s constantly looking to be stimulated. We started renting houses to have a little more normalcy and so he has a backyard to play in. He can be a little boy and get out some of his penned up energy. And we can make breakfast and have those comforts of home. That’s a big difference.”

While balancing all of this can be stressful, Underwood has found a way to relax. The “American Idol” champ actually schedules time to cry.

She explained:

“Sometimes I feel like I just need to cry, for no reason, and there’s not anything that happened. I’ve learned to be okay with that, whereas five or 10 years ago I would have been like ‘Oh my God, something’s wrong with me!’”

In fact, she did it right before she kicked off her tour.

She recalled:

“I called my mom and said ‘I need to schedule myself a cry, is that weird?'”

He mom responded:

“No, you do what you gotta do!”

Now, Underwood is letting moms everywhere that “sometimes it’s just best to let it out.”

And she may be on to something.

According to “Parents,” Kristy S. Rodriguez, a pre- and postnatal wellness expert and advocate, practicing self-care will help make you a better parent.

Self-care can include making time to work out, meditating for five minutes, or some fun with friends. In other words, anything that you enjoy.

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