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Car Seat Expert Tells ‘The Doctors’ That Even an iPad or Cell Phone Can Post a Danger to Children While Driving

Car Seat Expert Tells ‘The Doctors’ That Even an iPad or Cell Phone Can Post a Danger to Children While Driving

As a car seat expert explained to the hosts of “The Doctors” earlier this week, it’s easy for parents to make mistakes when it comes to car seat safety. Especially because, nowadays, there are so many “cool” and “fun” car seat options to choose from.

However, as Tot Squad founder and safety technician Jennifer Beall Saxton revealed, many of those products can actually get in the way of the car seat working properly.

She explained:

“I think one of the things that I see new parents do a lot, is they are working on their baby registry and they see a lot of these cute accessories that look really fun and adorable, but they’re not always safe to use in the car.”

Saxton then gave a few tips for what parents should avoid when buying new items for their child’s car seat.

The first accessory to avoid is vehicle seat protectors. She explained:

“This is most often a problem with dads, who want to protect their first baby, the car. […] Those can actually interfere with the installation of the car seat. If it’s too loose in the car then your child can be hurt in an accident. So you want to make sure if you are using a vehicle seat protector, if you have to use one, that you are using one that matches the brand of your car seat.”

Saxton went on to say that if the accessories used with your car seat don’t match the brand of seat you have, warranties can become invalid because companies weren’t able to crash test the product.

The safety expert also warned parents of hard accessories that can become projectiles if they are ever in an accident.

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This even includes iPads:

“An iPad weighs almost two pounds and when you are in an accident, you multiply the weight of that toy times the speed. So a two pound iPad, times 50 miles-per-hour, means you might be getting hit by 100 pounds of force.”

Saxton also warns that anything in your car that can become a forceful projectile in an accident, including cell phone and more, should be safely stored where they can’t become harmful, like the glove compartment.

Instead of using hard objects to keep your child occupied during car rides, use soft items and toys instead.

You can watch the full safety segment below:

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