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Eleven Activities You Can do in the Car With Your Kids While Traveling for the Holidays

Eleven Activities You Can do in the Car With Your Kids While Traveling for the Holidays

Traveling for the holidays as a family, especially if you have young children, can be a bit overwhelming.

So here are 11 ideas and activities you can do while in the car or on the airplane to help keep your family entertained so you’re not hit with the “Are we there yet?” question over and over again:


Here’s how you play: One person thinks of two words that rhyme — for instance, cat and hat. Then that same person thinks of one word that describes cat and hat — such as, feline and cap.

Now, the person who has thought of the words tells the descriptive to those who are guessing:

Mom: “I’m thinking of two words that rhyme. Here are your clues: feline and cap.”

Kid #1: “Is cat and hat?”

Mom: “Hinky Pinky! You win.”

Finally, the player who guesses right gets to think of a Hinky Pinky next.


Who doesn’t love playing this classic game while riding in a car?

Bring along some fun reading material:

Or if your child is susceptible to car sickness, find a fun audiobook or two.

Play a round … or eight … of BINGO:

Before traveling, grab a few pieces of paper, a marker, a Tupperware container, and some sticky notes. Use the paper and marker to create the bingo boards and the sticky notes to create the drawing numbers and place those into the container.

Then use the leftover sticky notes as reusable Bingo markers for each game.

Get creative with your snacks:

Instead of simply putting a handful of cereal in a container, make it into a necklace or a bracelet for your child to wear as they eat it.

And if you’re daring enough, you can also keep the activity of making the edible jewelry for the car ride as well.

Download a joke app or find a classic joke book:

Nothing keeps a person of any age entertained quite like a book filled with, albeit mostly bad, but easily laughable jokes.


Sure they can get a little rowdy, but who doesn’t love singing along to their favorite Disney movies or the Christmas classics?

20 Questions:

According to the Mommy Bunch, “This easy-peasy game is great for young kids, thanks to its straightforward rules. Player One thinks of a person, place or thing. Everyone else takes turns asking questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. After each answer, the questioner gets one guess. Play continues until a player guesses correctly.”

See Also

Coloring pages:

As the Measured Mom reports, coloring can be easy and remain relatively mess free by bringing a baking sheet or something similar along with you:

Find a cheap magnetic baking tray (tip – they’re not all magnetic; check first).  This 9 x 13 tray cost 99 cents. Then get some markers or crayons and hot glue magnet strips to them (even adhesive strips can use that extra glue).

Anything to keep my toddler from dropping a marker every five seconds.

The sketchpad was from the dollar bin at Target.

Finger-knitting or braid a bracelet:

Grab some yarn or some different colored string and get designing!

The Alphabet Game:

Here’s how this works, everyone in the car tries to spot the letters of the alphabet in order while driving down the road on road signs, license plates, etc. The first person to get all the way to “Z” wins!

How do you keep your family busy while on the road?

Happy and safe traveling!

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