On January 15, U.S. Gymnastics Olympian Simone Biles revealed that she was one of the over 250 women abused by disgraced former U.S. gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, as Dearly previously reported.

Biles shared her truth via a tweet with the hashtag “me too”:

She took to Twitter again after Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison on January 24, calling the judge who presided over Nassar’s hearing “[her] hero”:

She wrote:



Shout out to all of the survivors for being so brave & speaking like the queens that you are while looking at that monster. He will no longer have the power to steal our happiness or joy. I stand with every one of you.

One week after the sentencing, Biles sat down with “Today Show” anchor Hoda Kotb to discuss the abuse Biles suffered at the hands of Nassar, among other things.

The Olympic gold medalist began by saying:

“I think it’s very hard for someone to go through what I’ve gone through recently and it’s very hard to talk about, but other than that I think the judge is my hero just because she gave it to him straight and didn’t let him get any power over any of the girls and letting the girls go and speak was very powerful.”

Kotb then told Biles that Nassar can no longer hurt her anymore, to which she responded by saying, “No, he cannot,” with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

Kotb continued by asking how the “Final Five” gymnasts were able to go out and compete during the 2016 Olympics despite everything that was going on behind closed doors. Biles explained:

“I think we are very good at compartmentalizing things and so we just kind of push it in the back of our heads, because we don’t want anyone to think of that or we don’t want ourselves to think of that. So once we go out there, we go out there with full-heart and compete, because that’s what we love to do, and represent our country.”

She continued by revealing how she felt after hearing Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison:

“I was very happy. I wish she would have just given him like a crazy number, like 3,000 years or something, but other than that she was a boss, and she was absolutely amazing.”

Biles added that like her teammate Aly Raisman, she has not heard from the United States Olympic Committee. Calling that fact “kind of crazy,” she did say that she has heard from new USA Gymnastics’ president, Kerry Perry. However, during Perry’s visit, she and Biles didn’t talk about Nassar.

Biles said she does hope the USOC will reach out to her in the future.

Already back in the gym and attempting to put her abuse behind her, Biles admitted that she’s hoping to not only represent the United States again at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but she’s also hoping to redeem herself on beam.

During the 2016 Olympics, the balance beam was the only event Biles didn’t take home the gold medal in after she fell during her routine.

Aside from working towards conquering the World Championships and a second Olympics, Biles also has a Lifetime biopic coming out and plans to finish school in order to obtain her degree in business.

And while it may seem like a lot for one person, Biles has an amazing support system between her family and the boyfriend she admits she’s in love with.

According to the BBC, Nassar was back in court on January 31 in Dimondale, Michigan, for another sentencing hearing for molesting patients in the back room of Twistars gymnastics club. In November, Nassar pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

In addition to Nassar’s sentencing hearing, it’s been reported by USA Today that every member of the USA Gymnastics’ board of directors has resigned.

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