Kevin Neal’s 45-minute rampage has left a Northern California community terrified.

As KRON reports, Neal loaded two handguns and a semi-automatic rifle before taking aim at seven locations, including an elementary school.

The first victim of the shooter’s attack in Rancho Tehama, California, was his neighbor, according to Fox News.

And the gunman’s mother, Anne, believes his neighbors were the source of the rage.

Neal’s mother explained to the Associated Press that her son was caught up in a long-running feud with his neighbors, whom he believed were hurting his nine dogs with the fumes from their meth lab. He reportedly told his mother:

“I’m on a cliff and there’s nowhere to go.”

The shooter’s mother said Neal called her the day before he went on his attack and told her:

“Mom it’s all over now. I have done everything I could do and I am fighting against everyone who lives in this area.”

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston agrees that the dispute may have fueled the rampage:

“I think the motive of getting even with his neighbors and when it went that far — he just went on a rampage.”

When Neal approached the school, he unsuccessfully tried to get in, security footage shows. School staff members had barricaded themselves inside the school with the children. Neal shot at the Rancho Tehama Elementary School for six minutes, according to reports.

By the end of his attack, Neal’s bullets had killed four people and injured 14 others, including two students at the school.

As it turns out, Neal was no stranger to violence. Anne had bailed him out of jail in January after he stabbed a neighbor with a steak knife.

The incident resulted in assault charges and a restraining order filed against him.

And he wasn’t supposed to own a gun. According to Fox News:

According to reports, Neal was prohibited from processing and fire weapons under his bail. Johnston said the two semi-automatic rifles used in Tuesday’s shooting were “manufactured illegally by him at his home.”

The shooter’s sister, Sheridan Orr, told KCRA that Neal should have never owned a gun — he had a mental illness and was filled with an “uncontrollable rage.” Orr also explained that her mother had been trying to help her brother by talking to him every day:

“My mother’s life work was to get him settled and some help.”

Orr shared the final haunting words Neal spoke to his mother the night before the attack:

“Mom, I’m sorry.”

Neal was ultimately gunned down during a shootout with police and succumbed to his injuries.

And investigators have recently learned, according to Fox News, that his wife was also a victim. They found her body in the floorboards. Johnston said:

“[We believe he] cut a hole in the floor and literally put her body in the hole.”

Police said they believe Neal killed his wife Monday. They reported that they had responded to a domestic violence call on that day but did not give any further details.

See more about the horrifying shooting below.

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